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Just a few months ago Amanda was a Maid of Honor in a wedding I shot and now it's her turn to be the Bride!! These two get married in November and I am so thankful I get to document their day.

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Does your best ideas come at night before drifting off to sleep or in the shower (when you have nothing to write on) like me? I was about to doze off and thought.. I'd like to make a Spring capsule wardrobe for myself. So here I am, doing just that.

Let me be honest.. I have a good amount of clothes (my husband would say too many), but I always seem to find myself wearing the same 2-3 things. Concert tee. Check. Leggings. Check. Sweatshirt + sneakers. Check, check. So here I am, committing to 30 days in a row of not wearing the same exact thing. The great part of a capsule wardrobe is that you don't need thirty different outfits. Just 6-7 shirts and pants, add in a couple of jackets, a variety of shoes and a hat or two. You're set for a whole month!

Even better is I feel like I going forward will be able to spend less on clothes along with being more intentional with what I do add to my closet from now on. I took a trip to Old Navy to see what new things they had for the upcoming season and while I was shopping I kept in mind that I wanted anything I added to my cart to be a staple item that can be worn more than one way. That definitely made me think before adding to cart - the color, the style and what else it could be paired with. Here's what I found! Links provided below.

THESE JEANS. For a girl who loves Abercrombie's jeans (when they go on sale of course), Old Navy hit it out of the park with these. The back pocket placement, the tiny hint of stretch, a fly that buttons up and holes near the knees, not right at the knee so they don't tear more with every bend. True to size.

And the cropped floral cami. My favorite item. I love the tie straps, making them adjustable, the square neckline that is so flattering and in the back it looks like a corset. I sized up for a more loose fit and so I can tuck it too.

The sweater tank was my next favorite find. I decided to try a little tone on tone and wear it with matching trousers. Also, I immediately thought of how cute it would be with jeans and white sneakers, under a jean jacket or even joggers!

I have been on the hunt for some hight-waisted trousers and these are good!! Number one the inside feels like sweatpants. Who doesn't love a good pair of sweatpants. There is a drawstring inside that make them adjustable, they legs are wide and come all the way to the floor. Add a white cropped tee or a black tank + jean jacket and you're set.

Last, but certainly not least is this half zip cropped sweatshirt. It's in the color wishbone and again, I thought of how else it could be worn. But you know, you can never go wrong with a pair of your faithful black leggings. Comfy + cute. Win, win. I sized up for a more relaxed look and feel.

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It's been a long time coming. Some days I found myself wondering if I'd get to document love stories anytime soon. It felt like the longest car ride to the vacation I'd been anticipating for too many weeks. Then Sharlee and Jason hop out of his truck with a bottle of champagne in hand and ready to pop the cork. So much YES. The beach, the golden sun, plenty of good wind it was literally And one thing is for certain after spending an hour with them, these two are smitten for one another. I already can't wait to see these faces again at their September wedding!!

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