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We are The Horseman family.

That's my husband Robbie, and of course I am Katie.  We have been married for more than a decade now - time flies!

Robbie moved to a town he had never heard of to pursue his dream job.  My Mom just so happened to work there too.

She insisted that I meet him for over a year, but you could say I'm a little stubborn and was convinced my Mom didn't know my type.

I was wrong.

At a festival, that I had no intentions on going to in the first place, I met him.

Sometimes you get these little inklings.  Well I got one as soon as my eyes met his.

He had a girlfriend so we just introduced ourselves and went on.

A few months later I saw him again.  Want to know what our first conversation was about?  Getting married.

I'm not lying.  We joked about how we would get married just to get some nice gifts, but clearly that wasn't the case. 

From there on we were inseparable.  He would get off of work at 11pm and drive up to see me, running on just a couple hours of sleep.

I would surprise him with dinner and his neighbors would spy on us from his curtain-less windows. 

We dated for a year and half and he surprised me on the beach in Ocean City when he got down on one knee.  It was perfect.

But the part that made me choke up was when he told me he asked my Daddy and both Grandfathers too.  He knew how much they meant to me.

Our wedding was planned in five sweet months.  You could say I was eager to marry this man!

We had the best time being newlyweds.  So much so that we waited a few years to add any babies to the plan.

After being married for four years we decided it was time.  We were now ready to start that family..

One year of trying to begin that family came and went and it was still just the two of us.

We were told the only way we would be able to fulfill those dreams was with help from specialists in Annapolis.

A lot of tears were shed, but more prayers were spoken and after one round of IVF our first baby boy was on his way!!!

Robert Vaughn (who is a fourth generation) was born exactly on his due date.

always said I wanted my 20's to be for me, turns out God agreed with that too.  He was born just a couple weeks shy of my 30th birthday, aka

the best gift ever, ever.

Robbie and I are super close with our siblings and ironically are spaced out in age exactly the same.

Year three came (the age difference between us and our brother/sister) and we decided to start the process again.

Round two of IVF didn't end with success, but round three did!

We were blessed with another beautiful baby boy, Luke.

Luke arrived five weeks early (while we were on a mini vacation) and we could tell from the start he was our little firecracker. And he even has red hair!  So fitting.

He shares that unique trait with his late Grandfather, Robbie's Dad, which is extra special to us.

Our boys are our world and they make us that much more grateful to have found each other.

I share all of this to tell you my story.

Everyone has a story.

They are very important to me and it would be more than an honor to be able to tell yours.

This is Us

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