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2017 provided a lot of growth for my business. And to say I am thankful for every Bride that wholeheartedly believed in me is an understatement. I have been saving this blog for a couple of months, only because I didn't want it to get lost in the hustle and bustle of busy season.

Christy and Mikey are two people that I have grown to love like I've known them since day one. I can't say I have met anyone quite like them. I remember walking to my car the night of their wedding feeling some kind of way. Their day was absolutely, positively perfect, I will tell you more about it shortly, but I knew that I wouldn't see them nearly as often as I had the months leading up to their wedding. It was only a couple of days later I got a message from Christy saying that she too was sad it was all over and that she just wanted to have do more photoshoots with me. Here we are, less than a month or so after their wedding day and we are already starting to plan their first anniversary session - eleven plus months in advance! To me, if Southern Weddings contacted me and said they wanted to put my face on the front of their magazine, I would feel the exact same way as I did whenever my Brides say they want to work with me again and again. The ULTIMATE compliment. This is the empire I always hoped to build. One that has my Bride's happily sharing my name and looking for ways to continue to work together.

And then she says, "let's get together for lunch soon." Not only did I gain a client, but also a friend!

The morning of the Chubb wedding the weather suddenly decided, I think I will take it easy today. It was a cool 70 degrees all day. And for it being in September, that is very Heaven-like to me. Christy woke up with a gift from her Groom waiting for her. Inside was a card and a note from Mikey saying that he had a limo on it's way to get her and the girl's. That they were going to ride to the wedding venue in style today. HOW STINKING SWEET?! It get's better though (keep reading)!

Christy literally looked like a Boho Goddess. Her braided wavy hair - THE DRESS - and every other detail in between. There is absolutely no wonder Mikey had tears rolling when she walked down the aisle. Men, take note. He told me, as he was getting himself ready, that he wore his heart on his sleeve. And does he ever.

I am all about emotion, especially if it comes from a guy!

This was my first wedding at Castle Farms in Snow Hill and I'm not sure that one will ever top this one. Ever. Walking into that tent was breath-taking. Flower's filled the air and the tables. Wreaths were hung on the string lights that criss crossed over the dance floor. Wooden farm tables and cross-back chairs. Should I continue? Because I feel like that right there is enough. To see Christy's vision come to real life was a feast for the eyes.

What I have to say the most about these two is that they really, really, really, REALLY enjoyed their day. Christy danced the entire night, Mikey sang with a microphone in hand, they both crowd-surfed and everyone was fed hot fresh donuts before they left. It was great.

Mr & Mrs Chubb, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

boho wedding


Coordinator: Tiffany Bunting Wyatt Flowers: Bleached Butterfly Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal Photography: Katie Horseman Photography Second Shooting: Amanda Bunting Entertainment: CM Productions Hair & Make-Up: Blushed Venue: Castle Farm: Dressage and Weddings Food: 94th Liquid Assets Signs & Lettering: AK Crafting Rentals: A Little Rusty Shop Cake: Kimberly Sebald Proctor

Tanning: The Shady Sun Tanning Co.

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  • Writer's pictureKatie Horseman

Have you ever met someone before and immediately felt like you have known each other for years. That you feel like you are two friends who are catching up on lost time? My feelings exactly the day I met Emily. And the really ironic part was when I got home I had a message waiting from her saying the exact same.

The morning of Emily & Dylan's wedding I found the girls getting all glammed up for the big day and moments later her Dad comes in with several orders of McDonald's nuggets and fries. I couldn't have possibly loved them any more after that. And across the hall I found the guys having just as much fun but with more of a liquid diet instead. Dylan started to get ready for his day and all I could think of how classic his suit looked. How it could have easily been from a wedding 50 + years ago. And the girls they had all black dresses. They looked like elegant, modern day flappers. I LOVED it. There wasn't a detail missed, right down to Dylan getting Emily a Mrs. Box for a wedding gift. And it was just beautiful. Emily mentioned that he sapphire stones on her wedding band were for Dylan's birth month. My girl thought of everything, even her grandmother's clutch and killer heels.

There was something that stuck with me though and I couldn't help but continue thinking about it for the remainder of the day and there after. Emily had said that she wanted to be able to look back sixty-five years from now and still love everything about her wedding day. That she didn't want to go with some awkward trend that she would shake her head later in life. She wanted a classic and timeless feel about her day. And her plan, I can say, was executed perfectly.

During the ceremony Emily and Dylan read their handwritten vows to each other, in front of their loved ones. I have never heard anything so perfectly and thoughtfully written in all of my days. What I love most about personal vows is that regardless of how many you hear, there will never be two that are the same. It's like a fingerprint of a marriage.

I had been looking forward to the entire day, but especially it being my first Jewish wedding, I was most excited about experiencing two particular events.

First, the part when Dylan broke the glass with his foot, right before he kissed his new wife. And then immediately after the entire congregation yelled, "Mazel Tov." It was a joyous moment. Second, the chair dance. Dylan and Emily were lifted and bounced around on two chairs while laugher and clapping echoed throughout the entire room. It was so much more that what I was anticipating it to be!! I can honestly say I will remember that moment always.

Congrats to the new Mr and Mrs. Thank you for giving me such an honor.

Mazel Tov!!!


Venue - The Lighthouse Sound, Ocean City, Md

Dress - Bridals By Elena

Suits - Dryden's Dress Co.

Hair - Amber Heater & Kristen Brown of Salon Image

Make-up - Rebecca Ritchie

Flowers - The City Florist

Desserts - Cake Art

Entertainment - Ian Socha / Dj Rusty Griswald

Rings - Kuhn's Jewelers

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  • Writer's pictureKatie Horseman

Weddings and engagement session have been my top two favorites since the very beginning, but after this session with Hannah and Caleb I now equally love anniversary sessions just as much. Getting to see a couple (that you were fortunate enough to document their wedding day) a year later and learn how they've grown as a couple and all the exciting things that have taken place - that's the good stuff.

Hannah and Caleb have this emotional connection that you can literally see in every singe image. And that is one of a long list of things I love about them. If you are blessed enough to know this duo you know that they are doing really big things in their life and with their health. I am very excited to see where the next sixty-five will take you, because I know you two are just getting started.

Happy One Year. xoxox

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