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Mr and Mrs Ash / Ocean City, MD

Have you ever met someone before and immediately felt like you have known each other for years. That you feel like you are two friends who are catching up on lost time? My feelings exactly the day I met Emily. And the really ironic part was when I got home I had a message waiting from her saying the exact same.

The morning of Emily & Dylan's wedding I found the girls getting all glammed up for the big day and moments later her Dad comes in with several orders of McDonald's nuggets and fries. I couldn't have possibly loved them any more after that. And across the hall I found the guys having just as much fun but with more of a liquid diet instead. Dylan started to get ready for his day and all I could think of how classic his suit looked. How it could have easily been from a wedding 50 + years ago. And the girls they had all black dresses. They looked like elegant, modern day flappers. I LOVED it. There wasn't a detail missed, right down to Dylan getting Emily a Mrs. Box for a wedding gift. And it was just beautiful. Emily mentioned that he sapphire stones on her wedding band were for Dylan's birth month. My girl thought of everything, even her grandmother's clutch and killer heels.

There was something that stuck with me though and I couldn't help but continue thinking about it for the remainder of the day and there after. Emily had said that she wanted to be able to look back sixty-five years from now and still love everything about her wedding day. That she didn't want to go with some awkward trend that she would shake her head later in life. She wanted a classic and timeless feel about her day. And her plan, I can say, was executed perfectly.

During the ceremony Emily and Dylan read their handwritten vows to each other, in front of their loved ones. I have never heard anything so perfectly and thoughtfully written in all of my days. What I love most about personal vows is that regardless of how many you hear, there will never be two that are the same. It's like a fingerprint of a marriage.

I had been looking forward to the entire day, but especially it being my first Jewish wedding, I was most excited about experiencing two particular events.

First, the part when Dylan broke the glass with his foot, right before he kissed his new wife. And then immediately after the entire congregation yelled, "Mazel Tov." It was a joyous moment. Second, the chair dance. Dylan and Emily were lifted and bounced around on two chairs while laugher and clapping echoed throughout the entire room. It was so much more that what I was anticipating it to be!! I can honestly say I will remember that moment always.

Congrats to the new Mr and Mrs. Thank you for giving me such an honor.

Mazel Tov!!!


Venue - The Lighthouse Sound, Ocean City, Md

Dress - Bridals By Elena

Suits - Dryden's Dress Co.

Hair - Amber Heater & Kristen Brown of Salon Image

Make-up - Rebecca Ritchie

Flowers - The City Florist

Desserts - Cake Art

Entertainment - Ian Socha / Dj Rusty Griswald

Rings - Kuhn's Jewelers

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