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Hayley and Stefhan / Easton, Maryland

Home. It's your safest place on Earth, a sanctuary. The place that you share your happy, sad and every other memory in between. The place you long to be after a long trip or several hours on the job. Where your story begins and ends each day - and even if it's not your 'forever home' it is part of your story. It's my favorite place to document all things love.

And home is where Hayley and Stefhan chose to hold their engagement session. The ease they had of just being there was comforting in its own. Even though I had never met them in person until this day, I was able to learn so much about them beyond what they could have ever told me over the phone. Stefhan is a talented woodworker who has made several pieces for their home. Hayley is a lover of Target (like myself) who has amazing taste and style. The chandelier hanging over her dining table was the cutest thing I've seen! My favorite memory of their session is when the two randomly broke out in dance in the middle of their living room. And I could tell it was something that had happened there a few times before. Being able to add to the story that those four walls will tell was priceless.

In the words of Joanna Gaines, "I love me some home."

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