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Mel & Logan / Assateague Beach Engagement Session

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Assateague Beach

While Fall is my favorite time of year, give me a couple like Mel & Logan and I will withstand the summer temps any day of the week, all year round. Assateague

There was one session I was hoping to shoot before bidding summer goodbye for another year - a couple with their Jeep on the beach. To say my expectations were far exceeded is a major understatement. Oh and extra bonus points for these two hotties who got down to their bathing suits and played in the water at the end. With only a week's notice not only was Mel and Logan fully onboard, but also Bleached Butterfly - who knocked the idea of stringing greenery over the Jeep completely out of the park, Fathom of Berlin - they gave her the cutest summery beach dress to wear just for the shoot, AND Blushed Beauty Studio - Jackie took my beachy hair vibes way beyond what I was hoping for with a complete mini make-over. I am beyond thankful to have had these incredibly talented ladies on my team!! Could not have done it without each of you!

As you may notice, I am and always will be open for a little adventure - and absolutely any and everything out of the box!

Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler
Bleached Butterfly
couple playing in water
water engagement session
summer engagement session
beach engagement session
Assateague Beach
beach engagement session
Jeep engagement session

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