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Mr and Mrs Huntington / Bishopville, MD

Lighthouse Sound is very near to my heart, as my husband and I were there the evening right before we got engaged. Every time I find myself back there for a wedding I cannot help but be a little more excited because of my own sweet memories.

Pam and CJ are the true definition of young love. They were so giddy and full of laughter and love, it's good medicine for the soul. The tears that were filling his eyes as his Bride slowly crept up behind him to have a 'no-peek first look,' was as Kenny Chesney would say, "the good stuff." They held on to each other and whispered back and fourth about how they were so happy to be beside one another, how much they've missed each other all day and how they couldn't wait for him to finally see her. Right before Pam turned around to get tucked back away in her bridal suite CJ did something that completely won me over - he prayed over them and their upcoming marriage. From that very moment I knew that these two have a long happy marriage ahead of them. But that wasn't the only indicator. You've heard rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, right? Well while shooting the girls outside out of nowhere came this cloud that suddenly opened up ever so gently on us, not once but twice (but we were prepared the second time). We all hightailed it back to the building, and those bridesmaids of hers were a true example of good friends. You know what they did? They sat her down and re-curled the hairs that had fallen flat because of the shower that sprung upon us. I snapped images left and right and couldn't help but think of what a happy memory this will make - and the luck that was being shared. And to make the day that much better, the storms that were threatening their outside ceremony cleared off moments before it began. That wasn't luck at all my friends.

Thank you, Pam and CJ so very much for including me in your wedding day!

vendor love:

hair and make-up / Zoe Lloyd

dress / Bustle

entertainment / Dennis Pitmon

second shooting / Amanda Bunting

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