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goldsborough wedding / charleston, south carolina

last year I documented a wedding day where I vividly remember leaving the reception thinking to myself, whatever it is that I did to get such a fun and Jesus loving family like this one, I hope I can continue to do it.

two-ish moths later I received an email from a couple who were actually related to the said couple and needless to say, I managed to do it again. they were planning to get married at the naval academy in may of 2017. shortly after I met with rachel, as luke was on deployment at the time, we immediately started to make plans. luke returned home safe and soundly just before Christmas and just after we set up an engagement session. a couple weeks went by and new orders were sent for luke, interrupting their original wedding day plans. rachel and I talked and she informed me that they were planning to move their wedding day up and have decided to do a destination wedding instead - and that they wanted to take me with them! when she told me the location was CHARLESTON, SC I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or scream. I was just that excited.

I could sit here and tell you all about Charleston and how I immediately fell in love with the town. how I wanted to go home, pack up my husband and son and relocate, but I will save that for another post. instead I will tell you a little about the goldsborough wedding day.

the girls were a lot of fun. and so GORGEOUS! besides them singing sam hunt together my favorite thing about them was the fact that they ordered pizza and ate it before the ceremony - in their dresses! and the boys kept me well entertained. if you follow me on Instagram you most likely saw my Insta stories of them. at one point they decided to grab bikes and handlebars and go for a joy ride. it was hysterical. to the point that I was not able to take a single photo due to my body shaking so hard with laughter.

the venue was breath taking and the guests were all so relaxed. it was such a good vibe. oh and when a good portion of them decided to go for a swim in their pants and dresses I immediately decided that this should replace sparkler exits!! all guests jump in a pool for a send off sounds so much more entertaining.

this is definitely a wedding I will remember forever and ever and ever. amen.

vendor love

event coordinator - courtney flaherty

entertainment - ascend entertainment

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