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emily and john / salisbury, maryland

she's a perfusionist, he's a foot doctor and together they are just perfect. i could have easily watched emily and john dance around and love on each other far past the sun setting, they have such amazing chemistry - but i think that's pretty obvious. the kind i L O V E to document. and i must note that i will forever be jealous of girls that have the ability to look cute while they run, much like emily. how is that even possible?! i just don't get it.

it was the first warm day of Spring and the sun was actually out and shining. it's like God was preparing them for their

wedding day in KEY WEST (a favorite vacation location for the two).

PS I am over here whimpering like a lonesome puppy wishing that they found me sooner. since the very first time my husband and i visited key west i was immediately convinced i will one day retire there. and the SUNSETS. it's so true, they have some pretty amazing sunsets.

here's to a wedding day full of love and key lime pie, emily and john!!

PS thanks again for helping me getting the top on my Jeep!

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