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You have a story.  A once in a lifetime kind of story.  Let's tell the world together. 

all things


I am a LEO wife.

Momma of boys.

Saved by Grace.

My favorite type of food is Mexican.

(hello! margaritas and tacos?!)

I love all things Joanna Gaines.  Literally, every single thing.  

If in the car Sirius XM Fly is guaranteed on my radio.

I don't like to be scared.  At all.

Very Cavallari is my current favorite show.

I live for impromptu dates with my husband.

And crumble to pieces every time my son tells me "I wus you."  (his way of saying he loves me)

McDonald's cokes cure all.


Black and white photos are my favorite.

I began my photography business after graduating from college with a business degree.

Fall is my jam.

My Momma introduced me to my husband.

Any and EVERYthing strawberry.

I am a girly girl.

But I don't wear jewelry.

I laugh at inappropriate moments.

I have to have something sweet after every meal.

27 is my number.

I love visiting people.

Charleston is the best place on Earth.

If it were up to me, my family and I would live on one huge farm and be each others neighbors.

Moments worth sharing.

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