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every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.

My Love Story

one of many perks to my job is i get to hear so many beautiful love stories.  and regardless of how many i get to hear i always enjoy hearing the next one. 


i thought it would only be fitting to tell you mine.


almost ten years ago my momma told me about this new guy at her work.  i immediately knew where this was going considering i was single.  as curious as i was about this guy i did not agree to meeting him because well, it was my mom.  i mean seriously, what did she know about the kind of guy i was interested in?  a year later i ran into this said guy at the cypress festival in pocomoke, md.  and i will tell you, momma was right.


not everyone believes in love at first sight, but i will tell you i had this little twinge telling me that i would marry that boy.  

and marry him i did. 

it only took us six months from the day we started dating before we moved in together.  and almost a year later robbie said let's go have a nice dinner in ocean city.  so i put on my white capri pants (his favorite) and off we went.


right after dinner robbie said, let's go walk on the beach, as it was getting close to sunset.  and we did just that.  about ten minutes into the walk he poured his handsome heart out to me and then before i knew it he was down on one knee asking me to be his wife.  of course i said yes!!!  


little did i know he planned a long weekend on the beach to celebrate and even packed my hair straightener - talk about a keeper!

five months later we were saying our vows to each other in front of so many people that we love.  it was the rainiest day in 2009, but i didn't care.  the funny thing is rainy days since then have considered to be our good luck days.  

a couple years later i graduated from college with a degree in business management.  i always dreamt of owning my own business, but never knew what kind.  

as a graduation gift robbie gave me my very first dslr.  i could.not.stop.taking.photos with it.  on that day katie horseman photography was born.  

a couple more years later we welcomed our first baby into this world.  and it took me all of ten weeks of returning from maternity leave to realize that i wanted to do more of what i love and less of what i didnt (doesn't everyone?!).  and with lots of prayers and even more faith that is just what God allowed me to do.

thank you, robbie for lighting this fire inside of my soul.  and i will forever be thankful for that graduation gift that lit a spark i never knew i had.

all my love, always.