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preparing for your engagement session

hello happy engaged people. since engagement sessions are my fave and something that I shoot often I found it completely necessary to help you prepare for yours!

1. first thing is first, if you can, you should make a whole day of it. both of you cut out of work early or my personal recommendation - just don't go to work at all - (I hope your bosses don't follow this blog) and have some fun. find a cute little spot for a late lunch, have a drink and relax.

2. ladies I always suggest getting your makeup done. it's a good excuse to do so and you will feel so good about yourself. but I also suggest don't go too crazy with it. if you've never rocked a smokey eye before, now is not the time to try it out. stick with what you are used to, with a little extra help. false lashes are fun, but I would go for a natural looking lash, just so it's not so noticeable. as for hair, thats entirely your call. if you want to get some beachy looking waves, DO IT. but also do be prepared to mess it up a little. ;-)

3. when it comes to your outfits - please make sure it is one that you feel comfortable in; whether you are sitting, standing or spinning. because you will be doing a little bit of it all. flatter your figure girl! if you love your shoulders, then wear a peep shoulder shirt or dress. if you love your legs then make sure that skirt has a slit that shows them off! whatever it is that you love most about yourself make sure you show it. oh and neutral colors ALL THE WAY. white, tan, off-white, navy, black, grey and army green are a few of my faves. please leave those neon colors at home. they do not photograph well. and will make you have neon pink color casts on your skin too. don't try to match too much either. I prefer that you guys don't look too put together. and I welcome any and all patterns!

4. love. on. each. other. just do it. this session has NOTHING to do with me, but everything to do with Y-O-U! so don't hold back. please. I want to see you two flirt with each other and hold those kisses a little longer than you should. the camera will thank you. and fellas, I will need your help with getting some natural laughs from your girl, so be prepared. one silly word or phrase is all you need in your bag of tricks.

5. you can expect your engagement session to begin 90 minutes before sunset - that is unless we plan otherwise. if it is a really dark/cloudy day I will want to bump that time up 30-45 minutes so we don't run out of lighting, but will let you know this in advance. if the weathers looks iffy and you are traveling a great distance we can talk about rescheduling. but a shoot in the rain would make for a memorable session, just saying.

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